Mobile App Development / 19.04.2019

SmartWatch App Development

As per statista : by 2021 smart watches’ position in the market is expected to expand considerably, with projected unit shipments of nearly 81 million. According to Statista : By 2022, Wear OS and Android are expected to be installed in 37 million smartwatches worldwide, while another 34.5 million smartwatches are expected to run…

Integrated Services / 08.03.2019

How to utilize Chatbots as a game changer for your customer’s experience?

Gartner predicts that by 2020, customers will manage 85 percent of their relationship with a company without interacting with a single human. Companies grasp chat functions to reduce reliance on humans. Person-to-person chat discussions as we know them will become obsolete. Within ten years, chatbots will wind up fit enough to replace the everyday…

Mobile App Development / 16.01.2019

Mobile Application Development Trends in 2019

When the first smart phone was launched for the general public in 1994, nobody could have predicted how integral a part of our life it will become. Currently we have 2.1 billion mobile users and in 2019, the number is expected to cross the 5 billion mark according to a report presented by Statista….

Internet of Things / 12.01.2019

IoT Predictions for 2019

As per Statista, more than 23.14 billions devices are associated internationally through IoT technology. It is additionally a major thing that IoT solutions will drive $344 billion revenues globally while chopping down expenses upto $177 billion. Research firm Berg predicts that by 2021 there will be 50.2 million people remotely monitored using connected healthcare…

Healthcare Solutions / 29.12.2018

IoT in Healthcare Industry

IoT is an expression on everybody’s lips, and strikingly, it has achieved each subtlety of each field. In healthcare, education, gaming, finance and several more. Internet of Things has been picking up prominence quickly since its initiation into the IT world. And then there is another giant in the midst. AI or Artificial Intelligence…

Start-up Services / 29.12.2018

Start-ups Product Development

“Ideas rule the world,” the popular saying goes. You often have an idea, but not always have the time, resources, or money to execute on it. Entrepreneurs have brilliant ideas, and Addon Web Solutions has all the necessary expertise – from Business Analysis to User Experience Design to, of course, custom software development, quality…


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