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Our solutions take on the most complex and resource-intensive tasks, including automative & logistics, GPS tracking, online demand app, health & fitness, education & eLearning, social networking & dating, food & restaurants and chatbot solutions. Our expertise stems from our ability to architect and deliver solutions that are a potent synthesis of third-party software, custom development and system integration services.

GPS Tracking Solutions

We provide GPS fleet tracking solutions based on real-time vehicle monitoring and control. We develop and manufacture full GPS tracking solutions and provide it along with in-depth knowledge and support. Our GPS tracking solutions will help your business reach its fullest potential by providing you with 24/7 access to your fleet. Get real-time updates on your drivers’ location, save on fuel consumption, lessen payroll overtime and cut down on your fleet’s maintenance expenses with our simple and intuitive fleet tracking software.

  • »Realtime Fleet Tracking
  • »Asset Tracking
  • »Driver Safety Monitoring
  • »Child Protection
  • »Parcel Tracking
  • »Field Services
  • »Pet Tracking
  • »Rental Car Services
  • »Security
  • »VIP Tracking

Automotive & Logistics Solutions

In the era of connected cars – transportation and automotive industry acts as an intermediate between vehicles and technology. Under technology, Importantly, IT plays a vital role in overcoming the barriers of time, distance and other regulations. However, digital growing economy demands for fresh business ideas, advance technologies, smooth business process which is where Addon Web Solutions plays its part.

  • »Warehousing & Distribution
  • »Transportation Management
  • »Cross-Border
  • »Cross-Docking & After Market
  • »Dedicated Transportation
  • »Supply Chain Engineering & Analytics
  • »Value Added Services
  • »Ryder Choise Lease

Online Demand App & Marketplace

Almost 50% of the population is an active app user. They rely on their apps to get information or to find some service providers. So why not give them a service marketplace where they can find all the service providers under one shade with on demand app development. With on demand service app development you can allow the customer to make a request for any service provider.

  • »User Integration
  • »Location Details
  • »Services Request
  • »Bidding on Request
  • »Review and Rating
  • »Cashless Payment

Health & Fitness Solutions

Healthcare mobility solutions offer extraordinary advantages to the healthcare industry, including people suffering from health problems. Providing expert fitness guidance to complete hospital management, mobile health apps etc. to fulfill all your purposes to give your business competitive advantages. Our experienced app development team have the capability to offer one-stop Health & Fitness App Development Solutions based on customized needs of the healthcare industry.

  • »Mobile App for Small Clinics
  • »MMobile App for Hospital Management
  • »MWearable Health & Fitness App
  • »MAR & VR Technology Based App for Surgeons
  • »MPatient Tracking App for Physicians
  • »MFitnees Tracking App
  • »MOnline Consulting App for Patients

Education & E-learning Solutions

Addon Web Solutions offering E-learning and Education app and has built both web and mobile solutions with latest technology and excellent user experience. We pride ourselves in creating innovative e-learning solutions that are built with learner-appropriate strategies and the best of technology. Our cost-effective solutions help educators rethink, reinvent and rewire their learning, operations and business models.

  • »School Managment System
  • »E-learing Portal & App
  • »Document Managment System
  • »Online Test & Evolutions App
  • »Test Builder on Demand
  • »Online Training Software & App
  • »School App for Students

Social Networking & Dating Solutions

We create unmatched dating & social networking development solutions with an exceptional UI. We push the boundaries to create excellence in the dating and social networking platforms. Laden with security layers we promise to keep all the information secure and unhampered. Addon Web Solution have always been trusted for maximizing the ROI and we deliver what we promise. We know what our customers want as we always thoroughly discuss the projects before we begin.

  • »Privacy Setting For Activity Feeds
  • »Blogging & Integrated Internal Messenger
  • »Online Avaibility & Offline Features
  • »Photo & Video Sharing Across Profiles
  • »Online Video Editing Features
  • »Multiple Privacy Setting
  • »Chatting App
  • »Dating App & Portal

Food & Restaurant Solutions

Addon Web Solutions offers restaurant management solutions that deepen engagement with customers. We streamline business processes at standalone fast casual restaurants and quick service chains to improve productivity, ensure food safety, and increase profitability. You can increase average order size by moving from mass marketing to customer relationship management-driven operations. Our digital platform solutions help you customize the menu and cater to the local palate while managing changes to orders. Our mobility solutions reduce wait time with table side ordering and settlement.

  • »Food Ordering Portal & App
  • »Inventory Managment Solutions
  • »Food & Recipe Blog
  • »Food Delivery Marketplace
  • »Manage Customer Request
  • »Multi Location Food Chain

Chat Bot Solutions

Aside from tending to the regular request, our very refined and AI controlled chatbots will warmly welcome your site guests, automatically route chats to the concerned departments, help users get through troubleshooting process and much more. we have a dedicated chatbot development team with experience in building production-ready chatbots for different channels such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Skype etc.

  • »E-Commerce Chatbot
  • »News Chatbot Solutions
  • »Hotel Booking Chatbot
  • »Healthcare Chatbot
  • »Banking & Finance Chatbot
  • »Online Tickets Booking Chatbot

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