AI Powered Course-Based Messaging App for University Students

Client is looking to develop an AI enabled smart messaging platform for universities users to enable them finding out their learning needs , get tutors for strengthening weak subjects, earn few bucks via selling their assignments/notes/literature, raise funds for their project ideas and concept during studies to build it as well as to participate in various events & meet up.

“More than 55 Universities, 3000+ courses & 9000+ students are using it.”

Key Features of Solution Delivered

  • Tutoring Request / Offer Tutoring
  • AI Integrated for Group Chat course wise
  • Buy / Sell notes, assignments & Literature
  • Add campaign for idea/activity to raise funds
  • Search nearby events & activities & ability to book a tickets for individual or groups from the app itself
  • Custom Reporting, Wallet statistics & reports
  • Referral Points & Loyalty Points
  • Native Android App for Smartphone, Tablets for Students, iOS App for iPhone & iPad for Students.

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